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Discover our Sales Manager !

Laine: Sales Manager is an app built for Shopify

Our app allows Shopify merchants to better manage and schedule their sales in a simple and effective way. Laine: Sales Manager not only facilitates the process of price/compare at price updates, but also allows to schedule sales from a single variant to the entire store catalog.

By simplifying sales management and providing the possiblity to schedule sales, we help you increase your conversion rate

Spend less time managing your prices, energize your storefront and improve your productivity!

  • Create, schedule and manage sales for a single variant or in Bulk.
  • Keep track and manage your sales and bulk actions.
  • Take full advantage of your sale with our storefront widget.
Create unlimited sales in seconds

Create unlimited sales in seconds

Create sales on your products fast and efficiently. Define your sale by setting a new price or define a discount percentage. Our app automatically adjusts the variant price and compare at price based on your sale parameters. Don't worry about making mistakes when swapping price and compare at price, the app will make sure the compare at price is set to the original price. When the sale ends, the price is set back to the original price and the compare at price is cleared.

  • Automatic price & compare at price adjustments
  • Automatic new price calculation based on discount percentage
Schedule your sales

Schedule your sales

Define start & end dates to your sales for a completely automated sales management. Your sales manage themselves when you are off work, saving you time and effort. Save your schedules easily and reuse them on other products at your convenience. Define inventory level thresholds to limit the number of available units on sale and revert the sale before initial end date in case the products are sold.

  • Schedule flash sales.
  • Automate your sales campaigns.
  • Inventory level auto-stop (limited quantities).
  • Combine filters to easily find your variants.
Keep track and manage

Keep track and manage

Monitor, adjust and review your schedules sales in a dedicated window. Visualize all active sales at a glance.

  • All active sales displayed in a simple display panel
  • Full history of sales, actions and price changes of the last 30 days
Bulk actions

Bulk actions

All actions provided by our app can be executed in bulk.

  • Create sales in bulk
  • Schedule sales in bulk
  • Remove sales in bulk

Combine filters to select a group of variants and define your sale parameters. You can schedule unlimited sales in bulk and save yourself a lot of precious time. Bulk actions are executed instantly for small group of products and in the background for larger selections.

  • Apply sales to small or large segments of your catalog.
  • Combine Shopify filters to apply bulk actions to specific segments.
  • Schedule sales on small groups of products or your entire store.
  • Keep track of your bulk actions in a dedicated view.
Customizable storefront widget

Customizable storefront widget

Take maximum advantage of your sales and increase conversions ! Use our customizable storefront widget to display a sale countdown on your product pages. Our widget can also display the remaining units available on sale to increase FOMO.

  • Fast and clean storefront widget.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Take maximum advantage of your sale operations.